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Been over a year since I last updated this thing, I'd say I'm well overdue for one.

Anywho, while I'm cleaning out the cobwebs and greasing the wheels to get this thing trucking along again, don't be afraid to stop in and say "hello" every once in a while.

Little Life Update:

New Job

I have moved on from the nerve-fraying cesspool of frustration and belittlement that was my prior occupation.  I loved my job, my duties that is.  I enjoyed working in the QC department in CNC Manufacturing, running very precise, very expensive equipment for measuring parts.  I hated my boss and the general atmosphere towards the employees being viewed as expendable expenses rather than valued assets.  Every time I put forth the time and effort to stand out, it was stonewalled by a jealous, bitter manager that did not want to see someone else succeed or be recognized for their ideas.  Maybe he felt threatened by a younger upstart with a lot of potential.  I dunno.  Regardless...karma is a bitch, last I heard they are yet to replace me on a permanent basis and have went through five replacements that failed to stick...and business is tanking...and hours have been cut.

I got out just in time or may have been the catalyst to set it all into motion.  I feel bad for some of the people I befriended there that don't have opportunities to leave or just have too much time in, but hey...I got to do what's best for me.

That being said, I work across the street from them.  Literally...right across the street not even 20 feet away.  Quality Control Technician, soon-to-be promoted to Team Leader at a biodegradable plastics manufacturing company.  Making money AND saving the environment.  Bitchin, right?  For the most part.  Better pay, fewer hours, better benefits, but biweekly payment schedule = more taxes take out.  Ergo...I kinda make less than I was, BUT totally worth it considering my 55+ hours a week constant at my old job.  Cleaner environment and less noise pollution are a plus, too :3

New Home

I FINALLY moved out of my parents' house.  Only took me like...3 years after graduating from college.  Student loans suck, by the way.  Avoid them if you can.  Took up the opportunity to move in with my cousin rent-free a town away.  Definitely helped reduce my stress levels considerably.  No pressure from the folks, able to get away from everyone if need be, and privacy for a change is nice.  Love my family to death, but we've all been there where we just want to strangle everyone just for talking to you.  I was living near-constant in that state and relying heavily on anti-depressants just to calm down and focus without being terribly self-depreciating in the process.  Water under the bridge now, been out of my parents' place for going on 4 months now and used up the last of my prescription two weeks ago, yet to refill it.  Things are looking up.

New Artz

Last, but most certainly not least...artz.  Moar artz.  New artz.  Better artz.  Thanks to wonderful people and masterful artists like :iconnimtai: , :iconashetoret: , :iconblunt-katana: and others giving me pointers, tips with programs, and being generally kickass inspirations, I don't feel so crushed in spirit due to life that I'm ready to doodle hot n' heavy again.  I went to school for this shit, I need to put it to good use.  I want to use it for something, anything, to turn a passion into a lucrative venture.  Will it make me rich?  Probably not...but I'm a strong proponent of doing what you love for a living, never truly working a day in your life.  It isn't work if you enjoy it, right?

Commissions help pay bills too, that's always a plus :P
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Up-and-coming, aspiring artist, animator, and fiction writer. I am a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none, but continue to grow in all my fields of interest.


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